First-Class Mail

Billing Accounts

You must provide your departmental FOAPAL number for the postage and processing of all departmental mail. This FOAPAL should accompany all mail for proper billing.

Addressing Requirements

  • Complete and current addresses
  • 12 point font

Foreign vs. Domestic Mail

For mail being metered by Mail Services,

  • Please separate items based on foreign or domestic destination.
  • Do not bundle items together.
  • Keep off-campus mail separate from campus mail.

Envelopes and Labeling

  • Our equipment can seal #10 size business envelopes only if the flaps are in the up position and piggy-backed against each other.
  • We cannot seal envelopes larger than a #10 (5×7 or larger) . These should be sealed by the department prior to sending the mail to be metered.
  • Mail using library or media rates must be labeled as such.

Bulk Rate and Permit #10 Mailings

To prepare mailings for bulk rates, nonprofit rates, or Permit #10, you must obtain instructions and paperwork from the Bulk Mail Specialist at the Notre Dame Post Office (phone: 574-631-7304). Each mailing of this type is unique and may require special instructions.

For Postal Permit #10, please complete the required form following these instructions.

Express Mail

United States Postal Service can process expedited mail. When sending mail to be certified, registered, insured, or in any way expedited, you must fill out and attach the proper forms. You may request these forms by contacting Mail Services at 574-631-6274.

International Mail

In accordance with new postal requirements any international mail over 13oz., or has anything other than documents going through the USPS requires an electronic customs form. You do NOT need a customs form for either First-Class Mail International® items or Priority Mail International Flat Rate™ Envelopes if they weigh less than 13 oz., are no more than 3/4" thick, and contain only documents.

Any item that contains something other than documents, and are considered a parcel because they are over ¾” thick or over 13 ounces must declare the contents on a customs form. Therefore you DO need a customs form for ALL items that are not documents … that includes books, CDs, clothing, or any other product that is not a document.

This form can be located on the website. Click on the get started button. If you need any help with locating the link or filling out the form we would be more than happy to come over and help. Feel free to call with any questions you may have. 574-631-6274.