**NOTE: The Post Office on campus has delayed opening until 8am during the current COVID-19 crisis. Thus, daily mail should be sorted and ready for pickup at Mail Distribution by 9:30am. Please feel free to call ahead (631-6274) to see if your department has mail.

The Post Office closes at 4pm, thus any outgoing mail should be dropped off at Mail Distribution by 3:30 to be postmarked and delivered to the Post Office same day.

100 Distribution Center
(North of Administration Building, west of St. Liam parking lot)

Building #96 on Campus Map

Processing and distributing all incoming and outgoing mail from the United States Post Office and University departments, Mail Services is a link between the University and the worldwide community.

We strive to distribute and process official University correspondence in a courteous and professional manner; valuing teamwork, creativity, and vision. Our goal is excellence in service to the University.

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