Campus Mail

Sorting Guidelines

To send bulk campus mail, you must sort items by department. Sort all residence hall mail by hall and then numerically within the hall.

Address Lists

You may get address lists for staff and faculty through the Department of Human Resources. To make sorting easier, please request the list be printed in department order.

You may get address lists for students from the Office of the Registrar. Please request these lists in hall order and numerically within the hall.

Expected Delivery Times

Campus mail is delivered once daily.

For mailing information at individual residence halls, download the Hall Delivery Schedule August 2021.

Supplies for Mailings

Upon request, the Mail Center will deliver the following mailing materials to your department on the next scheduled route. Call 574-631-6274 to order:

  • Mail trays
  • Mail tubs
  • Inter-campus envelopes
  • Mailing Forms—express, certified, registered

Special Pick-Up

Call 574-631-6274 for a special pick-up if your department has a mailing of more than 100 letter-size pieces or more than 50 flats or parcels. This allows mail carriers to bring appropriate equipment to handle your mailing.

When your department is preparing for a large volume mailing, call ahead to order trays or tubs with handles for easier transport.