Interoffice Campus Envelopes


Mail Services would like to answer some questions concerning “Campus Mail Envelopes.” We have had several concerns about what to do with un-needed extras and also where to get a supply when your Department needs them.

Campus Mail Services would like to monitor this by delivering them to your office through Campus Mail and picking up any extras that might be taking up space.

If you will call us at 574-631-6274 we will bring you a supply with your next Mail Delivery. If you have extras to be picked up, please bundle them, mark them as “empty” and put them with your Outgoing Mail. We will pick them up on our next scheduled trip to your office.

The important thing to remember is that we all need them and use them, so please help us keep them circulating so that everyone can have as many as they require. If you don’t return the extras to us….. we can’t supply other department’s needs.

Thank You,